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Granite as a building material – Hardness, strength and elegance at the superlative.

Granite, one of the most abundant deposits on the planet is a natural stone most commonly used in interior and exterior arrangements. It’s also the hardest rock recommended for construction, one of the most versatile given by nature, from the depths of the mountains.

It seems that every one of its characteristics is at the superlative … and it really is. Not coincidentally, we recommend granite (but also other natural stones we work with, such as marble and travertine) to customers interested in investing in quality materials.


Granite is said to have been born from fire as it is a magmatic rock, formed due to a slow process of cooling and then crystallization of volcanic lava. Other representative rocks in this category also appear by the name of volcanic or magmatic rocks.

Although it constitutes over 60% of the upper part of the earth’s crust, the presence of volcanic rocks in the depths of the mountains is “camouflaged” by the shallower layer, composed mainly of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.

Granite deposits are found at depths of 1.5 – 50 kilometers from the surface of the soil. They can be included in the group of intrusive or plutonic rocks, for which the solidification takes place in depth.


Like marble, granite is widely used in the following areas:

  • Construction of buildings and roads – Various buildings, monuments, paving of streets, alleys, etc;
  • Interior and exterior designs – Floors, kitchen countertops, sanitary ware, window sills, etc;
  • Decorations – Sculptures, ornamental stones, decorative elements, luxury finishes from granite tiles, etc.

Among the testimonies of versatility of this unique stone, there is the exterior restoration of Mall Vitan and Arch of Triumph from Bucharest . The work, a very complex one, was a real challenge for the BrownStone team, but we successfully managed to deliver it.

In the case of Mall Vitan, for the placement of the exterior surfaces, marble, travertine and granite were used, the final result being in total harmony with the rest of the building that houses the commercial spaces.

Granite as a building material


a. Hardness

The first property by which the granite is distinguished from any other natural stone remains its hardness. Unlike marble, the blocks are harder to process, which explains why in the past it had less numerous uses.

However, in the modern era, when machines are successfully replacing manual labor, hardness becomes not an obstacle, but an extraordinary advantage. With granite plating, we, at BrownStone, managed to achieve impressive results.

b. Resistance

Another outstanding feature of granite is its increased wear and abrasion resistance. In the face of corrosive agents and weathering, granite plates remain untouched. For example, detergents and acid solutions are only devastating for less resistant surfaces (marble, travertine).

It is one of the reasons why, on the list of projects carried out by our company, there are numerous granite works, already completed. For spectacular and lasting results, we preferentially use granite for both indoor and outdoor use.

c. Beauty

The beauty of these massive rocks is attributed to quartz deposits (hence their particular shine), feldspars and small (silicates). Following feldspars, quartz (silicon dioxide) is the second most abundant mineral present in the soil.

From a chromatic perspective, granite blocks and plates cover a fairly wide spectrum, the color being given by the presence of mineral components. The ratio of these elements lies at the origin of numerous contrasts with variations from light gray and blue to yellow and red.


Despite all the remarkable qualities, granite is, however, a rather porous construction material and it does not remain completely immune to the action of most external factors. This means that it is quite “sensitive” to a number of substances which may compromise its appearance.

For similar reasons, like in the case of marble, granite tiles must be subjected to processing. The waterproofing will protect them from stains, yet keeping their beauty and brilliance intact.


At the client’s request, once the assembly work is completed, we can also deal with a series of additional operations, such as polishing, waxing, polishing, maintenance, etc. Each of them has the purpose of increasing the qualities of granite that we already mentioned.

We, at BrownStone, also provide specialized intervention of a number of renowned architects. Collaborations with them are favorable for all parties involved in our projects, including the client.

The best proof for this is not only the durability of the building materials that we use, but also the durability of the works, which are guaranteed for 20 years. The condition is that the beneficiary of the project does not violate the recommendations of use and maintenance.

Since we have already have an idea of what your requirements might be, we invite you to consult the list of services that we offer in detail. For every question you would like to send us by phone or using the contact form, we are at your disposal with concrete answers, without any contractual obligation.

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