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Heating through marble floors – a wonderful alternative for your home

Natural stone has always been a highly valued material for its qualities in floor covering. The natural provenance, the variety of colors, the resistance and the precious appearance are just some of the advantages that marble has. Along with granite and slate, marble is one of the most valuable rocks used in construction, with various uses, including floor tiles inside homes or public spaces, such as shops, restaurants, clubs or other institutions.

However, despite all its obvious advantages, some of those who intend to use marble in interior design may be concerned about the “cold” emanating from this natural stone. This aspect can be considered the major disadvantage of the material, as compared to other interior cladding solutions. But the so-called “coldness” of marble is actually a quality of the material, which is capable of preserving thermal value for a long time. This means it has the property to slow down the heat losses. The material is also fireproof in case of high temperatures or fire.

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The formerly discussed apparent disadvantage of marble can easily be turned into a major advantage for the thermal comfort and beauty of your home. The marble is perfectly suited for underfloor heating systems for several reasons. During the hot summer days, the feeling of coolness emanating from a marble floor is wonderful. On the other hand, in the cold autumn-winter season, an underfloor heating system is ideal, this being covered with marble. What better feeling than to step on the floor of the heated natural stone while the stones are cold outside?

The underfloor heating systems, which have been implemented for a long time in European countries, are beginning to be appreciated more and more. For the installation of the marble on such a heating system, a team of professionals in the field are needed, who have sufficient experience in such works with a particular difficulty.

In modern and heated homes, thermally comfortable, if properly installed, the stone is very efficient. Why? Because this material will not allow heat loss to the outside: in the summer it will keep the cold inside, and during winter it will not allow heat to dissipate.

An important advantage of this type of marble floor is the special appearance, which gives elegance, nobility and, at the same time, refinement to any interior. The luxurious image that is associated with beautiful marble, well maintained, is complemented by its quality to have a high durability and a high resistance to traffic. Compared to other flooring materials, such as tile, marble has unquestionable qualities.

Last but not least, what is important is that marble is a natural stone, obtained directly from the heart of nature and handcrafted, so it retains a great naturalness. The most common colors for marble are: white, gray, black and red.

Marble offers a very pleasant sensation to the touch, but its maintenance or installation is not simple. For assembly you have to call a professional team because only people who are used to working with natural stone can apply it perfectly, so you will be satisfied with the work at the end.

BrownStone team has important marble tile works in its portfolio and the experience required for such projects, so we are available to our clients, who can contact us with confidence for customized construction solutions.

Performance of the underfloor heating system. Marble versus solid parquet

We all know that wood has the properties of a good thermal isolator. So it would not be suitable as a finish for the underfloor heating system, when we talk about solid parquet. There are several manufacturers of parquet that have for sale a certain type of parquet and that according to the specifications is suitable for this type of heating. However, even with this material developed specifically for underfloor heating, its efficiency is 6-20% lower than other materials. For maximum efficiency we recommend coating the floor with marble, which has a thickness of about 15-20mm.

Durability of a marble floor heating system

Below, we present a series of images captured during works executed in 2008. One of the frequently asked questions concerns the durability of this heating solution. If the whole operation is executed correctly you should not have cause for concern and the proof is precisely these pictures presented below. Even until today, the heating of the marble floor works perfectly normal and has not no further intervention was required.

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