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How to take care of a marble floor

We all love nature and natural materials. That is why we try to bring some of nature’s energy into our home as well. When choosing a marble floor, we do it because it comes from nature, so it has been cut and specially processed for us to enjoy its beauty.

Marble is an almost alive material, bringing a bit of nature into our homes. It is not a ceramic or porcelain stoneware, created and produced in the factory. Marble is a gift that nature has given us, allowing us to use it to its fullest advantages and value that it brings in our homes.

What should we do when cracks or micro-cracks appear on the floor?

We start by looking at the differences between a floor created from ceramic or porcelain stoneware and the marble floor. In addition to its superior aesthetic appearance of marble, it also has another advantage: it is very practical and reliable in the long term. Over the years, in areas of heavy traffic, materials used to build floors always come to deteriorate. Scratches, pores, micro-cracks may occur. The marble floor will no longer look like it used to and you have to take action. Another important fact is cleaning it.

A floor that is no longer like new you can not clean it the way you want. You can use the classic cleaning methods, by renting a cleaning company. However, this is not enough, because its staff will most likely do the same things as you would do, but with professional cleaning products.

In this case, the only ones who can be of real help are the professionals who deal exclusively with natural stones. The floor that is made out of marble can be washed and polished whenever it is desired, as opposed to a tiled floor, for example, where there is only one solution, which is expensive: to replace it completely with a new one. As tiles are created in the factory, they are a product that will never have the same qualities as those of marble.

In recent years there have been more earthquakes in Romania, weaker or stronger, depending on the area where they struck. These seismic movements can trigger displacements in the marble floor plates, causing small level differences between them. What should you do? Confidently turn to a team of specialists in the natural stone floor. They will know in detail the chemical characteristics of your stone and they have the necessary tools and machines to take care of it and restore it. Once polished, the surface will appear compact (monolithic), flat and smooth. It will look like a glass plate.

How can a marble floor be cleaned by natural stone professionals?

A marble floor cleaned by our specialists implies a very low maintenance cost. Through the intervention and the restoration of the shape and pattern of the floor and then polishing it, a brand new floor can be obtained. The time required for its cleaning is drastically reduced, but also the costs of the used cleaning substances are considerably reduced. Once we have intervened, as specialists, your floor does not need special attention anymore. For cleaning, only use a neutral detergent. It is easy and quick to clean, which will help in your daily schedule and you will have much more free time. Whether you feel the need to devote more precious time to your children and to the family, technology helps us to get that quality free time. Call for professional services and you will only have to win!

What are the advantages of having a marble floor?

Those lucky enough to have a natural stone floor know that compared to those who have a floor made of synthetic material such as ceramic or porcelain stoneware, it offers a lot of added value to a home. It is no coincidence that most tile and tile manufacturers always try to imitate the naturalness of the stone as best as possible. Even if they manage to create the most sophisticated models, they cannot reproduce the material itself.

  • The first advantage of marble is certainly aesthetic. The visual impact of a natural stone is unbeatable. If it is well maintained, with scheduled maintenance to keep it in perfect condition, the floor will give your home a lot of brightness, warmth and elegance.
  • The second advantage is purely economic. By saving time for maintenance and cleaning, we get free time to do other things (we can read or walk, play with children, many things that relax us and give us a good state of mind). Having more time for yourself is another reason to opt for a marble floor. It is not a direct and quantifiable advantage, but it allows you to have more time to devote to your children, to your physical well-being, to your partner, to shopping. Having more time for us is an invaluable benefit.
  • Another advantage is design. A house with elegant natural stone floors gains value and is never outdated. It has more value in the sale phase, but also in the negotiation phase in the case of a rent. In some cases, this material brings up to 15-20% of the added value.
  • The advantage of long-term economy: natural stone flooring has the advantage of restoration. It means that once it is damaged, it can be restored and brought back to its original state every time,looking as new. A synthetic material does not allow this and what at first seems a lower cost, will result in a much higher cost for the future, plus the inconvenience of demolition and restoration works. However, note that the intervention on the natural stone floor must always be carried out by experts in stone polishing, by qualified personnel. Relying on non-technicians presents major risks, of not achieving an optimal result or even of irremediable destruction of the surfaces.
  • Another advantage of marble: hygiene can be maintained much easier. Having a properly polished floor means that it has no open joints, cracks, pores or tears. In these spaces, dirt can be deposited and is difficult to be cleaned. It is known that dirt in the joints hides germs and bacteria that can cause many diseases. Having a polished floor and therefore easier to clean, from a hygienic point of view is very important, especially for families with children, as many of their games take place on the floor.

To all these aspects, many more can be added, but the advantage of natural stones has been proven through many studies and research related to the degree of use of the surface and its maintenance, but also to the long-term expenses: marble is the best material.

For assembly, degreasing, polishing, crystallizing, marble polishing and other types of natural stone, we advise you to leave it to the professionals to avoid unnecessary time wasting, the risk of accidents, improper use of machinery and substances or eventual destruction of surfaces. BrownStone offers a full, efficient service according to your wishes that includes designing, supplying materials, mounting, polishing, treatments using state-of-the-art technical solutions and high quality materials.

The price of the workmanship, but also the total cost of the work will be determined after an initial visit to the location where the work will be performed.

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