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Marble, a wonder of nature – how to bring back its natural beauty

Marble is a wonderful creation of nature that we can admire and use in beautiful decorations.

Its main use, that can really emphasize its special characteristics, is the natural stone floor, whose life span can truly be extended through the operations performed by our specialists.

In many of the old architectural buildings, marble was placed in very high regard. The natural stone was valued and cared for so it could last for centuries. Many churches and monumental vestiges still enjoy the marble decoration created by the first architects. However, restoration and polishing give back its authentic charm.

Factors that cause the degradation of marble floors

If you count yourself among those lucky enough to have a marble floor, we congratulate you. Marble floors are sensitive when they come in contact with chemical agents and they are frequently subjected to wear & tear, which can lead to a more serious deterioration of its surface.

The main reasons for degradation of these types of floors are due to the chemical aggression, which results from the combined action of products containing acids and the mechanical aggression, especially due to the traffic in that area.

We recommend continuous maintenance of the surface and use of the right products. When carefully applied, you can ensure a much longer lifespan for stone floors, greatly reducing the process of deterioration.

Signs announcing that the floor needs the intervention of specialists

When subjected to one or both aggressions (chemical and / or mechanical), the surface of a marble floor becomes leafy, matte and may have scratches, all which compromise the natural beauty of this precious material.

When the floor is degraded, always seek the services of specialists in natural stone processing. This way, you will not only have a beautiful, restored floor, but you will protect nature as well.

Floor restoration – a complex but efficient process

At the renovations we took part, we often encountered worn marble floors, but with an incredible aesthetic value. This determines us to promote methods that support the recovery of such precious surfaces.

The interventions for marble floors recovery are different and depend on the type of material, consistency and the state in which the surface of the floor is.

First of all, a good intervention for the restoration of floors should be carried out by qualified personnel and must be personalized, depending on the type of marble that should be treated.

This is due to the fact that the complete elimination of degradation and any porosity found at the surface level must be done.

The work required to restore a marble floor consists of several operations that are absolutely necessary for the desired result to be achieved, namely:

  • Leveling up the marble floor (to eliminate level differences, eliminate deep scratches, eliminate damaged surfaces and to have an overall much flatter surface);
  • Elimination of joints, cracks, fractures and pores;
  • Manual restoration of each piece;
  • Polishing the marble floor (in several stages, each using a different granulation);
  • Micro sanding of the marble floor (to eliminate the pores and obtain the desired smooth and glossy surfaces)ș
  • Marble floor treatment (according to the client’s needs and requirements);
  • Crystallization of the marble floor;
  • Marble floor waterproofing (when needed).
Marble floor restoration

Marble floor restoration

The main reason why we choose to restore a natural floor instead of replacing it

Why do we want restoration and renovation? Because we love nature and we want the materials we use to benefit as much as possible from the same beauty they had last year.

Marble, like other natural materials, is not sufficiently protected and when the first signs of deterioration appear, many tend to throw it away as ordinary waste without knowing or appreciating the fact that nature took millions of years to produce it. The lack of responsibility and vision leads to accelerated consumption of marble worldwide. It may be that future generations will only see it displayed in museums. Therefore, the solution is not the demolition, disposal or replacement with synthetic materials, but the restoration and revival of marble.

All these operations of reconditioning the marble, in order to obtain a new floor, aim to restore the magical charm of this material. Therefore, before you make any decisions regarding the possible floor replacement in your house, ask the opinion of the specialists, who will be able to offer professional advice. And if the marble floor can be repaired, you will still be able to enjoy its beauty and you will not regret for a minute that you made the decision to keep it.

Renovated marble floor

Renovated marble floor

Part of nature, permanently close to us

Natural stone comes from nature. However, it is not available forever. We want everything that is natural to be protected and cared for in order to protect our environment.

As the years go by, we must return to the use of natural materials as much as possible. The sublime beauty of natural stones constantly inspires designers and architects all around the world to include it in their wonderful creations, in order to highlight all its qualities. Furthermore, it is a durable material, extremely beautiful and with multiple uses!

Whenever we feel we need to fill ourselves with energy, we take a trip in nature. That is why, if you have the chance to be permanently integrate it in your living space, or perhaps in our office, the energy it emanates is unimaginable. A clean, elegant and beautiful space brings many positive thoughts and wonderful ideas!

Play the video and see how BrownStone team polished the marble floor inside a church

When installing, restoring and maintaining marble (and other types of natural stones), we advise you to leave it to the professionals in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time, the risk of accidents, improper use of machinery and substances or eventual destruction of surfaces. BrownStone offers an efficient and professional service, that is according to your wishes. This includes designing, supplying materials, installing, polishing, treatments that use state-of-the-art technical solutions and high quality materials.

The price of the workmanship but also the total cost of the work will be determined after a visit to the location where the work will be performed, with no obligations on your part. Give us a call!

BrownStone offers professional services for the maintenance and restorations of marble floors.

The technical solutions, substances and materials used by BrownStone are in line with current European Union requirements, rising to the highest international standards precisely to extend the life of the natural stone.


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