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Natural stone in exterior design – Uses and applications

The modern man is becoming more and more attracted to everything that can detach him from the frenzy of everyday life. Now, more than ever, natural stone begins to very present in construction works. However, we notice that never, in its long history, has it become outdated.

In this post, we will talk about the use of particular materials that appear in our portfolio. They are works of marble, travertine and granite. Due to their special qualities, they remain in the top of BrownStone’s preferences for the placement of buildings and other exterior furnishings.

What are the reasons for our choices?

Everyone knows already that natural materials have an impressive ability to transform the appearance of buildings. Marble, granite and travertine blocks, once processed, manage to adapt to any type of external environment.

Regardless of variety, they can be included without any problem in any space, regardless of any architectural style or whether we are talking about the classical, rustic, contemporary or a combination of several different typologies.

Any of the natural elements with that we juggle with allows us to make granite, marble or travertine construction works of great complexity and class, practical, perfectly functional and durable, guaranteed by our company to last for more than two decades.

As long as the beneficiary uses the guidelines of specialists, remarkable results can be achieved. Everything is facilitated by the use of extraordinary materials, 100% natural, which through processing and specific treatments, have the capacity to:

  • Resists without being affected by the aggression of environmental factors;
  • Support any weight and almost any degree of wear & tear;
  • Transform into super adherent and waterproof surfaces.

Use of natural stones on the outside

For centuries, travertine, marble and granite have played a fundamental role in the construction of buildings and streets. As a rule, they were predestined to erect monumental foundations and structures.

But today, such a practice is outdated, with cement and bricks replacing natural stones more and more. However, the ancient trend seems to be taking shape again, perhaps due to its special mechanical properties and aesthetics.

From the diversity of shapes, colors, textures or dimensions, to the ability of giving naturalness to the environment, the massive blocks of rocks continue to remain reliable allies in constructions and in everything that means luxury finishes for the outside.

Practically, natural stones have been transformed from basic elements into accessories, aiming at:

  • Completing and enhancing the beauty of a building or of an environment;
  • To increase the market value of the spaces where they are integrated.

We, at BrownStone, also deal with this. With the help of our own specialists, but also of the architects with whom we collaborate, we always meet the client’s wishes with extraordinary projects, able to fill with harmony and taste all external areas of the buildings.

Access roads, alleys, exterior stairs or facades are only a few of the ideal places where we use our construction creativity. Such uses are only part of the possibilities where we pursue our imagination in order to create in style.

Natural stone plating of buildings

For the process of building platings, the options available to a builder are quite varied. But it seems that natural stone remains the most inspired choice when you want a total look change.

If the project envisages a restyling of office buildings, villas, institutions and any public or private building, nothing seems more appropriate than marble, granite, travertine or a mix between them.

As a concrete proof of the services that we offer, we pride ourselves with the projects of construction, modernization and rehabilitation of commercial spaces and other buildings of which we have dealt with up to the smallest of details, regardless of complexity and scope.

The results have been felt especially among potential customers, who do not hesitate to ask for our services. An eloquent example of one of our works is the Vitan Mall, where our mission was to completely remake the outer area.

Since the design phase, we have promised ourselves to work exclusively with natural stones. By using marble, travertine and granite for exterior cladding (facade, steps, alleys, access roads, walls), we managed to transform and renew the image of the mall.

Basically, all this variety of rocks have contributed to the design enhancement of the already existing architectural details. Because no other modern or semi-manufactured building material manages to match the charm, elegance and prestige of natural rocks.

Do you still have doubts about our professionalism and experience?

Take a look at our services, but make time to stop and stare at the deluxe constructions and finishing works that carries BrownStone’s signature! The vast experience and the collaborations with established architectural offices represent a certainty for the quality of all our works.

If you like our proposals, do not hesitate to call us for specialized advice, using one of the contact details displayed! The response of our operators will come firmly, within the possibilities and time available, without any obligations from your part.

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