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How to get the perfect natural stone flooring

Each of us wants to decorate his home, office or other important space using the best and most reliable materials. The material is chosen according to the room where it is used. We recommend that you contact a specialized company for the design, selection, and assembly of your floors. The ones made of natural stone, marble or granite, travertine stone, are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, as nature is more and more a big part of our lives.

You can make a beautiful floor with natural stone for the inside of your house, but it can also be the case that you want to construct a pavement in the yard, using natural stone. The material selection and the setting up operations for granite and marble is very important. If you chose of team for your project, you will benefit from the expertise of the specialists, giving valuable advice for the whole project.

Choosing the right materials. How should you do it?

In areas where there is moist and humidity, such as the kitchen, bathroom, pool rooms and others, the material used must be very resistant to water, steam, grease, etc. Our company, with the help of all professionals we have in BrownStone’s team, will take care of designing and assembling the chosen natural stones and make them suitable for each space.

Depending on the factors that are considered in a new project (color, texture), our experts can then suggest two or more material options and type of installation that should be done.

It follows that after choosing the optimal solution, the designer will make some proposals of ideas that you can choose from, depending on which one suits your tastes.

How to make the perfect floor?

Once you have chosen the best option, you will proceed to the next step, namely a projection of the design, which must be fully respected, in close collaboration with the designer.

Each type of natural stone chosen involves both a different assembling technology and a different type of maintenance for the floor.

When choosing natural materials, travertine stone, granite and marble, this option will have a great advantage over other materials that can be found in any building store, for example stoneware. In addition to the more elegant appearance of the natural stone floor, through the assembly process, it will have a longer durability and resistance.

The assembly operation of each material is a procedure that must be performed only by specialized teams, using professional equipment, but happily we offer you all of these. The technical solutions are different for each case, certain adhesives and specific treatments will be used, according to the case.

What is the correct workmanship in making the marble floor?

To make a marble floor correctly, the necessary operations are:

  • Roughing
  • Polishing
  • Micropolishing
  • Crystallization

Most customers do not know that the correct way to have a perfect marble floor is not the one we unfortunately see in most cases in Romania. All over the world, after applying the marble, it is mandatory for it to be polished. The correct marble assembly technology consists of several steps, which must be strictly followed.

  1. The first operation is the grinding process, which is performed in order to eliminate the level differences and to smooth the stone in the joint areas between the plates.
  2. The next step is sanding and micro sanding to obtain a finer surface with closed pores. In order to have a marble installed to the highest standards worldwide, the grinding operation is absolutely necessary. This process has been used since ancient times, and in Romania we use it successfully to guarantee the best quality natural stone flooring.
  3. The last step, which is very important in obtaining an exceptional quality work, is crystallization. This operation has the role of completely closing up the porosity of the marble surface.

For assembling, degreasing, polishing, crystallizing, marble polishing and other types of natural stone work, we advise you to leave it to the professionals in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time, the risk of accidents, improper use of machinery and substances or eventual destruction of the surfaces. BrownStone offers a full and efficient service, according to your wishes, and which includes designing, supplying materials,setting up, polishing and performing treatments which use state-of-the-art technical solutions and high quality materials.

The price of the workmanship but also the total cost of the work will be determined after an initial visit to the location where the work will be performed.

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