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Ventilated facades for office buildings

In the contemporary architecture, in order to enhance the urban landscape, the facades of the office buildings play a fundamental role. They also fulfill an important function of protection against atmospheric agents.

Not at all by chance, in relation to the lifespan of the construction work, the design of urban spaces implies the association of several elements:

  • Aesthetic requirements;
  • Durability and resistance;
  • Environmental compatibility.

Over time, the exterior surfaces of buildings (not just the facades) are subjected to various challenges (chemical, thermal, mechanical, hygrometric processes), determined by:

  • The human factor;
  • Air quality;
  • The action of external agents.

The same surfaces gain essential attributions regarding the appearance of buildings and their integration into a certain landscape. Therefore, the materials used by the builders must be compatible with the urbanization project, without contradicting the needs of environmental protection.

In this regard, our company, BrownStone, offers its clients its entire experience of 20 years. The teams of specialists are able to develop both traditional solutions (natural stone cladding) and complex (ventilated facades), guaranteeing aesthetic results and performances of the highest rank.

Ventilated facade

The realization of ventilated facades

Currently, ventilated facade systems represent the most complete fusion of the requirements that a wall has to meet in terms of interior comfort. Their main mission is to delimit the inner environment from the outer one.

Technology remains the most effective option for solving problems related to thermal and acoustic isolation. And it is the most viable alternative for protection against atmospheric agents, especially against humidity.

Rainwater infiltration into the supporting structure is the main cause of building degradation. Unlike other commonly used solutions, ventilated facades provide the best hygrometric performance (prevent moisture from entering).

Everything happens without the external surface having an adverse influence on the internal environment and without compromising the aspect of the building

Ventilated facade

What is BrownStone’s approach?

From the design of the works to the execution and finishing, BrownStone team always makes use of its own experiences and resources. Through the qualified staff, we involve and ensure all stages of the project, emphasizing quality, seriousness and honesty.

The client is not mislead, on the contrary. At each stage, there is complete transparency regarding the materials. Among the most used materials in exterior coating, there are marble, sandstone, natural stone, clinker, glass, etc.

In such a competitive market, it is no surprise that our company aims to meet the demands of our customers. The proposals are not only trendy solutions in the sector of construction, exterior design and luxury finishes, but also stand out due to the technical characteristics.

What highlights the materials that we use?

This type of coverage enhances the performance of traditional systems and eliminates the downsides. Thus, beneficiaries no longer have to bear adverse consequences, such as:

  • Absence of wall breathability;
  • Lack of ventilation of the isolation layer;
  • Degradation of external parameters, etc.

At the top of the list of attributes are the flame retardant properties and the isolation capacity against the penetration of water and moisture. But the materials used in outdoor applications are also highlighted by the exceptional mechanical strength and:

  • At thermal oscillations;
  • At the action of the sun;
  • Under the effect of smog;
  • On chemical factors.

To these are added the brightness, maneuverability and ease of maintenance, qualities otherwise transferred also to the final work.

What are the benefits of technology?

Besides the architectural valences of the technology, the realization of the facades with ventilation allows to obtain important advantages, fully exploited by the specialists of the company:

Acoustic behavior

The systems favor the reflection of sound waves from outside. Due to the included materials, it intensifies the sound isolation, an essential quality, especially in urban centers with a high degree of noise pollution.

Behavior in the presence of fire

The air currents can facilitate the spread of fire and smoke. But the incombustibility of materials is of particular importance for the safety of people, goods and also for the safety of the construction.

Thermal and hygrometric behavior

The structure excludes thermal oscillations, which are frequent in the absence of adequate protection. Thus, one can better control the internal temperatures, with undeniable effects in terms of comfort.

As the technical team states, in the hot season, the ventilated façade diminishes the heat coming from the outside and reflects much of the energy and solar radiation. At the same time, it generates an air flow between the outer layer and the isolating wall, allowing the expulsion of the overheated air.

In contrast, in the cold season, ventilation facilitates the rapid elimination of vapors from the internal environment. In this way, the phenomenon of condensation and the negative effects associated with possible penetrations of water and humidity are visibly reduced.

More specifically, these facilities translate into an energy saving that can reach up to 20-30% of the total consumption of the building.

BrownStone portfolio and experience

Our company provides consultancy and specialized assistance for ventilated facade projects. Below you can see images from one of our successful projects that required the installation of a ventilated facade for an office building:

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